Bourbon N’ Bubbles, located at 570 King Street, is a unique concept centered around providing customized, tailored, and memorable experiences through access to rare and unique alcohol and spirits to be enjoyed in an elegant yet laid-back atmosphere.

BNB features Charleston’s first member’s only liquor lockers – for private guests and corporate accounts – to keep their favorites on hand at all times, bypass any lines, and enjoy additional perks like access to discounts on food, bottles, and private events. Membership levels are as follows:

Annual Pricing

PERSONAL  … $2,500 | $200 minimum monthly expenditure – 2 authorized persons
CORPORATE … $5,000 | $400 minimum monthly expenditure – 5 authorized persons
LIFETIME … $10,000 | No minimum monthly expenditure – 5 authorized persons


In addition to the annual cost of membership, members are required to spend a minimum dollar amount each month. Unused minimums are transferable within the calendar year. Only authorized persons will be granted membership access and perks.

One-of-a-kind Membership Incentives

  • 15% discount on private events
  • 15% discount on bottles **subject to availability. All liquor bottles must be purchased through Bourbon N’ Bubbles and subject to 20% service charge and applicable taxes.
  • 10% discount on food
  • Priority seating on advanced reservations Membership entry privileges (Never wait in a line. Ever.)


Member liquor lockers are subject to availability. Each member shall provide a list of authorized persons allowed to access their locker which will be emblazoned with the owner’s brass nameplates and carefully guarded by the Bourbon N’ Bubbles management and staff.

As rare and special bottles are allocated to us for your purchase, Lifetime members will receive the first option to purchase followed by a lottery for our other members.

If you have a favorite spirit that you would like us to store for you or you would like one of our expert whiskey to guide you through the process of choosing the best spirit for your palate, please email Bourbon N’ Bubbles General Manager, Scott Robinson at

About Bourbon N' Bubbles

Bourbon N’ Bubbles is the newest restaurant to take up residency on upper King Street in the heart of Downtown Charleston. Our unique design, coupled with a premier selection of champagne, bourbon, handcrafted cocktails, and à La Carte eats will deliver a modern-day twist on Southern sophistication to the trendy Upper King Street entertainment district located at 570 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29403. For more information, follow us on Instagram @bourbonnbubbles; Twitter, @bourbonnbubbles; and Facebook.

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